Automatically save articles from an RSS feed with IFTTT to Pocket and read the latest news on your Kobo eReader


In the evening I often read the news from different websites on my phone. And often more than an hour. It seemed to me reading news articles was something I could do just fine on an eReader. The benefits are there, an eReader reads more like a book (or newspaper) and I find that more pleasant, especially when it comes to the use of light. The Kobo Forma eReader seemed ideal to me because of the 8 “screen, it is waterproof, weighs almost nothing, and has a beautiful integration with Pocket! So I bought it 🙂

The next step for me was to have all new articles from certain news sites automatically downloaded to Pocket. So that it would be possible to browse through these articles on the eReader every day and open and read the most interesting articles, without using the ‘experimental’ browser on the eReader!
Fortunately, most news sites have RSS feeds, and IFTTT makes it possible to “sync” RSS feeds automatically with Pocket.
Below are the steps I followed to make this all possible.

In the end about 100 articles were automatically added to my Pocket account every day(!). Nice to browse through, but it would be ideal if items older than 5 days are also automatically, unless archived, removed. Maybe this can be automated with a flow in Node Red and the Pocket API. Just a thought right now!
Another thought is the possibility to use Blendle with Pocket!


Related software & hardware

Rakuten Kobo Forma eReader

The ideal eReader to comfortably read for a longer time. It has an 8 inch screen and is lighter than most other e-readers. With the physical buttons on the handle you can easily turn a page. The backlight is automatically adjusted to the ambient light. In the evening, blue light is filtered, so that you can fall asleep more easily after reading. The Kobo Forma is waterproof – Source and more information


IFTTT is a free platform that helps you do more with all your apps and devices. IFTTT is used to be called “if this, then that” because Applets would have one trigger, and one action. If this happens — then that happens. For example, when you come home, then turn on your Hue lights – Source and more information


Pocket allows the user to save an article or web page to remote servers for later reading. The article is then sent to the user’s Pocket list (synced to all of their devices) for offline reading. Pocket removes clutter from articles, and allows the user to add tags to their articles and to adjust text settings for easier reading – Source and more information

Step 1: Setup Pocket

The first step is to create a Pocket account. If you already have an account, make sure you are signed in so IFTTT can instantly connect to Pocket! You can read here about creating an account and logging into Pocket.

Go to and sign up for Pocket.

Step 2: Setup IFTTT and add “RSS Feed to Pocket” applet(s)

You also need an account for IFTTT. If needed you can read here about signing up/in.

Go to and sign up. Important: When you just want to use your e-mail address
(like me :)) and not want to continue with Google or Facebook, click on “Or use your password to sign up”.

When you are signed in, click in the upper menu on “My applets”:

The upper menu of IFTTT

Now you can manage your applets. Click on the Services Tab and the All services link:

Searching is now possible:

Search for “Pocket” and click on the Pocket tile

Now you can connect to Pocket. Make sure you are signed in to Pocket (another tab in the browser) and click the “Connect” button:

After you have clicked the Connect button, the button disappears and IFTTT is connected to your Pocket account! It is that easy.

Now add the “Add new items from an RSS Feed to Pocket” applet. The fast way is clicking here! And click on “Turn on”

Give the applet a name. For example: add the name of the RSS feed after the default applet name: “Fiction Becomes Fact Blog”

Turn off “Receive notifications when this Applet runs”

Add the feed URL. For example the feed URL of this blog!

Add the tag (optional). For example: Fiction Becomes Fact. Useful for sorting articles within Pocket!

And finally click the Save button!

That’s it! New articles from this blog will now automatically appear in Pocket. You can add many more applets with different RSS feeds like this:

In “My Applets” you will find the applet you just created. Click on this applet

When you scroll to the bottom you have the option to create a different version of the “Add new items from an RSS Feed to Pocket” applet! Just click the Start button and add another RSS feed

Step 3: Read your Pocket articles with Pocket and the Kobo eReader

When you go to your list (of articles) in Pocket it looks like this:

This blog entry in Pocket

When you click on the list item the article can be read as on the eReader (or any other device):

The “easy” Pocket layout of the blog entry

Setting up Pocket on the Kobo eReader is very straightforward. Just click in the menu on “My Articles”, sign in to Pocket (only the first time) and start reading! When you are finished with reading an article you can choose, among other things, to archive or delete (from the eReader or Pocket) the article.

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