Calibre-web - Sync Shelves with Kobo Device

I use Calibre-web to sync e-books to my Kobo eReader. In another note I already described how to run Calibre-web with Docker. Then it’s very easy to sync e-books between Calibre-web and your Kobo device.

This website already described very well how to synchronize. So I took most of the steps from that website, but with the addition of how you can only sync e-books from certain shelves so that you can make a choice yourself which e-books you want to have on your Kobo device.

As soon as you start synchronizing the Kobo device with Calibre-web, the e-books will be added from Calibre-web but existing books remain. Personally, I’d choose to delete any e-books still on the Kobo before syncing with Calibre-web. You can then manage all e-books from Calibre-web. But it does mean that you will lose history once, like where you left off in a book.

Calibre-web Configuration

  1. Login to Calibre-web (default: username admin and password admin123).
  2. Now open the Settings (top right) and click Edit Basic Configuration, expand Feature Configuration and turn ON Enable Kobo sync and click the Save button.
  3. Now go to your profile (default: admin) by clicking on Account (top right) and your profile name (default: admin). Do the following:
    • Turn ON Sync only books in selected shelves with Kobo
    • Click the CREATE/VIEW button and copy the whole line, starting with api_endpoint
    • Click the Save button
  4. Now edit or create the shelves and make sure that the shelves have been set whether the books should be synchronized with the Kobo device. That works like this:
    • Click on a shelf
    • Click on the EDIT SHELF PROPERTIES button
    • Turn ON or OFF Sync this shelf with Kobo device
    • Click the Save button

Kobo Device Configuration

  1. Connect the Kobo device to your computer
  2. When the Kobo device is mounted as storage:
    • Locate and open (for example with Notepad) the configuration file: .kobo/Kobo/Kobo eReader.conf
    • Change api_endpoint= to the line you copied earlier (button CREATE/VIEW in Calibre-web)
    • Save the changes and safely eject the Kobo device
  3. Sync your Kobo device

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