Docker CLI - Manually Update Containers

Here I describe how to update Docker Containers via the CLI.

Earlier I described how to update Docker containers via Portainer or via the Docker Application from Synology.

See also my note about executing Docker commands without sudo.


As an example I’m using the portainer/portainer-ce image

  1. Login to the CLI
  2. Run
    docker pull portiner/portainer-ce
  3. When a new image has been downloaded continue down here


First make a backup of the data of a container (optional)

As an example I’m using the Portainer container

  1. Stop the container:
    docker stop portainer
  2. Rename the container by adding .save after the name:
    docker rename portainer
  3. Now have the container created with the new image. I do that by calling the shell script.

The container with .save in the name can be deleted with docker rm at a later time if the new container works well

Remaining images can be cleaned with docker image prune or view the images and the id of the images with docker images -a and delete a single image with docker rmi <id>

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