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Unfortunately, making a backup with HyperBackup to Stack , via WebDAV does not work out-of-the-box. With the data and comments on I had to do some puzzling. But once the solution is set up, the backup will continue to work without any problems in my experience.

To get the backup to Stack working you will need to:

  1. Set up HyperBackup to backup to another WebDAV server first
  2. Manually copy the files that HyperBackup has created from the WebDAV server to Stack. This can be done via the web interface from Stack.
  3. Set up HyperBackup to back up to Stack via WebDAV

Backup to another WebDAV server

If you don’t have a WebDAV server (other than Stack) at your disposal, you can use a WebDAV Docker container.

Then perform the following steps:

  1. Backup to your own WebDAV server (not Stack) with HyperBackup

    Tip: If the WebDAV server is running on a different port, you can specify the port within HyperBackup after the IP address, e.g.

  2. In the hbk directory and all subdirectories, give the 0 byte files the extension txt (and note the original extension)
  3. Upload manually the hbk directory to Stack (the web interface worked fine - upload in parts for large backups)
  4. Within Stack, change the extension of the 0 byte files back to the original extension

Now you have the backup on Stack. This is needed once for every backup task you want to create within HyperBackup.

Backup to Stack

  1. Add a new task within HyperBackup. After you have chosen WebDAV, choose Relink with an existing task. Fill in the Stack data and refer to the backup you manually put on Stack above
  2. Run an integrity check

The backup can be run from now on.

If re-linking to an existing task doesn’t work then there is another alternative method that might work:

  1. Modify the task you used to backup to your own WebDAV server: change the target to Stack and refer to the backup you manually set to Stack above
  2. Run an integrity check

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