MariaDB Docker Container - Setup Daily Backup with Crontab

Every day at 7:00 PM I make a dump of every MariaDB database. This can be done by calling mysqldump from the MariaDB container. I’m using the crontab to schedule this. It is important for me to also include the database routines in the backup because I use them with some databases.

I have the dump placed in a folder that I backup daily. In this case it is a backup folder within the folder of the MariaDB Docker container.

As an example I’m using the Home Assistant database


I added the following to the crontab:

0 19 * * * /snap/bin/docker exec mariadb mysqldump --routines --user=USER --password=PASSWORD homeassistant > /home/LINUX-USER/docker/mariadb/backup/homeassistant.sql

Replace the following:

Replace with your own database password

Replace with your own database user

Replace with your own linux user

/snap/bin/docker is the full path of the Docker executable when running Docker with Snap. When not using Snap you can try /usr/bin/docker.

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