Obsidian - Editor and Formatting Quick List

This is a quick list for use with the editor of Obsidian. For more formatting with examples please see this link.

Quick List

Formatting Overview

Link: [[ name ]]
Embed: ! [[ name ]]
Tag: #tag
Italic: *italic*
Bold: **bold**
Header: # with a space or ## with a space etc
Checkbox: - [ ]
Underline: <u>underline</u>
Strikethrough: ~~strikethrough~~
Highlight: Text between ==
Blockquote: > Blockquote
Raw text: raw and endraw between {% %}

Tip: Ctrl-click a tag to search and show a list with notes!

Code Blocks
function fancyAlert(arg) {
  if(arg) {

Check here the supported languages.


Just a nice example:

graph TD;

Mermaid lets you create diagrams and visualizations using text and code.


Refer to the same file with alternative names, for example Obsidian:

aliases: [Obsidian.md, Obsidian md]

Please note that this section must be placed at the very top of a note to take effect.

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