Obisidian - Alternatives for Obsidian Publish

Because of the high price (my personal opinion of course) of Obsidian Publish I knew I had to look for an alternative. While looking for an alternative, I soon found out that I wanted to set up a digital garden!

Obsidian Forum

First I came across the forum of Obsidian itself. There was also talk about alternatives to Obsidian Publish such as here and here. Maybe I’ve missed something, but Obsidian probably won’t be happy that this is discussed on their own forum? At least the team behind Obsidian can’t accuse you of being frenzied with this!

Static Website Generators

Then I continued my search and came across static website generators such as GatsbyJS and Jekyll which are out-of-box working with markdown. The same format used for the notes within Obsidian.

For GatsbyJS there is the Gatsby Garden plugin that works with Obsidian notes.
For Jekyll there is a template from Maxime Vaillancourt or another template from Jekyll-Garden.

Static Website Hosting

Three names quickly came up for free hosting of static websites:

  1. GitHub Pages
  2. Netlify
  3. Cloudflare Pages

I compared these options and made the choice for Cloudflare Pages in combination with a GitHub repository and Maxime Vaillancourt’s template.

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