Obsidian - Installation and Syncing with Syncthing

I installed Obisidian on Windows (x2) and Android. I use the dark theme and turned on the Tag Pane and Starred under Core plugins. Within Google Keep I liked pinning notes. Within Obsidian I now use the Starred functionality.

Within the mobile app from Obisidian I enjoy using the toolbar. You can configure this under Options and then Mobile. The first button configured on my toolbar is the Close active pane button so that notes can easily be closed. It is recommended to always close notes after use to avoid syncing problems (see below). This can happen if the same note is left open on different devices.

Syncing with Syncthing

To sync notes between different devices I chose Syncthing. And that has been working for a long time without any problems.

My vaults (and notes) are by default in a central location, namely my Synology NAS. From the NAS, HyperBackup creates a secure backup to an Ubuntu VM where a WebDAV Docker container as well as to the cloud via Stack.

The Windows devices and my Android device then synchronize with the NAS again. On Android I use the Syncthing Android app. This app can be modernized but works without problems. On Windows I installed the 64-bit basic Syncthing distribution (not the SyncTrayzor) and let it start automatically.

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