Portainer - Manually Update Docker Containers

Here I describe how to update Docker containers with Portainer.

Portainer also runs as a container. The setup is described here.

I have also described here how to update a container within the Synology Docker Application. It is also possible to perform the update via the CLI.


  1. Open Portainer and choose Images
  2. Check if a new image is available for the container as follows:
    • Click on the image id associated with the container
    • Click on Pull from registry (the blue download button at the top)
    • If a new image is available, it will be listed as Unused


First make a backup of the data of a container (optional)

  1. Go to Containers. In the list of containers, the image no longer contains the tag but an id of the old image if a new image is available
  2. Open the container by clicking on the container name
  3. Stop the container
  4. Click on Edit container name (this is a button after the name of the container). Put .save after the name. Then it is for example: unifi.save
  5. Click on Duplicate/Edit
  6. Now remove .save after the name
  7. Turn off Always pull the image and click on Deploy the container

The containers with .save in the name and the associated images can be deleted at a later time if the new container works properly

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