Unifi Network - Setup Chromecast between VLANs

Fortunately, it is nowadays very easy to use the Chromecast within different networks/vlans. All you have to do is make a few settings within the Unifi Network Application.

I replaced my old Unifi Security Gateway (USG) with a Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-Pro) and made the choice to build everything from scratch and not migrate the settings. So all settings are set by default and from there I make the necessary adjustments.

In my case I have configured the following networks:

  • IOT-VLAN (with a Nvidia Shield and a Chromecast Ultra)
  • CLIENT-VLAN (with devices that can cast)

You can read more about setting up my vlans here.

Enable Multicast DNS

As a first step I have enabled Multicast DNS for the above mentioned networks.

  1. Go to Settings and Networks
  2. Scroll to Global Network Settings and select the networks after Multicast DNS. In my case:
    • IOT-VLAN
  3. Click Apply Changes

Setup WiFi Multicast Management

I have created a WiFi network for both my IOT-VLAN and the CLIENT-VLAN network and set up Multicast Management for each wifi network.

  1. Go to Settings and WiFi
  2. From the list at the top, open the WiFi network settings by clicking on the network
  3. Scroll down to Advanced Configuration and click Manual
  4. Expand Show options after Multicast Management
    • Enable Multicast Enhancement
    • For IOT-VLAN I also enabled Multicast and Broadcast Control and added the MAC address of my wireless Chromecast Ultra
  5. Click Apply Changes

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